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Latter-day Saints in Montego Bay Attend 185th General Conference 

On Easter weekend, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints attended the 185th General Conference. For members of the Church, this time of the year marks a special occasion.

For two consecutive days they listen to the counsel of church leaders including Thomas S. Monson, the global leader of the Church. The Conference is broadcasted live from SaltLake City, Utah and can be seen by individuals globally through satellite systems, the Internet, radio and other forms of media.

In Montego Bay more than 70 individuals gathered throughout the two-day event. Church members shared their excitement and gratitude at hearing the words of their leaders. “It was great!” said Millicent Barrett who has been attending the biannual conference for over two decades.“The talks were so inspiring. It makes me stronger.”

Throughout the two-day event, the speakers counselled members to remain steadfast by following the example of Jesus and applying the Atonement more fully in their everyday lives. They spoke on topics which included the sanctity of marriage and families, parenthood, conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ, the death, resurrection and second coming of Christ, and Sabbath day observance.

Wilbert Buchannan, the leader of the Montego Baycongregation, expressed gratitude and renewed hope in the future after hearing the counsel of his Church leaders. “It reminds me that we must learn our duties and willingly accept the will of the Father,” said Buchannan.“I can feel God’s hand on me…and I look forward with more confidence to the future.”

Some were touched by messages that gave counsel regarding personal challenges they faced. Attendees like Rose Marie Harvey-Smith expressed confidence that the speakers were answers to her prayers. “I am sure that these speakers are inspired by God,” said Harvey-Smith. “If I follow the counsel [I received] I know that the challenges in my family will be resolved. I feel renewed hope and strength.”

At the conclusion of the 185th General Conference on Sunday evening it was clear that those who attended were uplifted by the messages heard. Andrew Clarke who was baptised in the Church a decade ago spoke of the relevance of the messages he heard during the two-day Conference. “[It] speaks about things affecting us today and how to endure them.”

The Conference was a time of renewal and faith-building. At the centre of the numerous messages was a testimony of Jesus Christ. At its conclusion, those who attended expressed a desire to apply the counsel they received to their lives.

Kadian Clarke, a sixteen-year old who attended the event with her mother expressed joy at having heard the words of her leaders. When asked what she would say to friends who were unable to attend the Conference, she simply said, “[I’d say] you missed something good.”

More thoughts from those who attended:

Fitzroy Blackham – “…most of the speakers today have touched on something important: we have to love people regardless of their choices. Hate the sin; love the sinner.” Blackham who was baptised in the Church almost 20 years ago said after the Conference concluded Sunday evening admitted that his testimony of Christ was strengthened. “I feel like I am in the right place.”

Sis Stephens – “Since 2001… I try not to miss any Conference because in every Conference… there is always something specific for you. It speaks to you.”

Colleen White – “A someone who is not a member, what that gentleman said made a lot of sense. Once you have love within you, you can still go through… Before coming to this church, I wasn’t going to any other church. But this gentleman help me understand that even though you might pray, you still need to visit the church.”

Elder Jernigan – “Conference [is] the repetition of inspiring messages… I am able to lean a lot during Conference… Even though they are similar messages, it’s these similar messages of Jesus Christ that help me to learn and improve.”

Elder Hendersen – “Profound how simply the doctrine is taught…concerns all answered… personal tutor coming from God. A lot of times [while listening to General Conference] I feel like “good job” and other times it’s like a rebuke. I love it; it’s great!”

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