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The St. Ann Infirmary benefits from Humanitarian Service

In more than one way the St. Ann’s Infirmary has been given a helping hand! The humanitarian arm of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated two new industrial washing machines, a large freezer and a stainless steel sink to the infirmary. A new fan, microwave, blender and kitchen utensils are also some of the things that the residents received with gratitude.

Controlled by the St. Ann’s Parish Council, the infirmary has a total of 109 residents.  There are 45 women and 64 men currently in residence. The infirmary seeks to provide for the mental, physical and psychological care of the residents. A part of the vision of the Parish Council is  ‘to be a first class Local Authority with the capacity and  resource base necessary to sustainably deliver the range of services necessary through innovation, accountability and transparency to facilitate community empowerment.’ With the assistance given, the Parish Council will be a little closer in achieving its vision.

One severely crippled resident, who has been at the infirmary since birth, is among one of the residents who was thrilled by the assistance given. With the new washing machines the workers are literally getting a helping hand. Washing daily for 109 residents is no easy task.
The humanitarian missionaries who delivered the items were more than happy with the assistance being given to the infirmary. They noted, ‘we loved helping this infirmary because the need was so great.” Certainly for the Church and these missionaries "charity never faileth.”

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