News Release

Kingston Jamaica Stake Open House

The Kingston Jamaica Stake and the Kingston Jamaica Mission hosted its first multiple chapel Open House activity in four chapels across the stake on Saturday April 25, 2015. This activity was held under the theme "We believe in Christ".  An open house activity allows members of the public to tour the chapels of the church with the main intent of highlighting the central beliefs, doctrine, programs and activities of the church.

These events were hosted at the Constant Spring chapel, the Spanish Town chapel, the Portmore chapel and the Linstead chapel. Members of the church were encouraged to invite interested friends and acquaintances to attend. Missionaries were commissioned to spread the word to those they came in contact with, and with those they taugh/ In addition to this, letters were sent to national leaders, community leaders and members of the religious community in the stated communities. 

Leading up to the activity, members of the congregation came together in unity to make these activities successful. They spent hours cleaning, arranging and decorating the various stations that visitors would learn about as a part of the tour. Persons volunteered as ushers, tour guides and presenters for the different rooms. There were twele (12) rooms in all which featured the church's central belief in Jesus Christ and the role of the family as well as the regular sunday program and key support programs of the church such as the family history and self reliance programs.


Overall the open house activities saw about 90 vistors of which 21 were national or community leaders which included political representatives, business owners, religious leaders and some school officials. For most of these persons the Open House was their first direct exposure to the church. All the visitors expressed being pleasantly surprised regarding the teachings of the church as many shared that they had heard misleading stories. They also vocalized their appreciation for the programs of the church and saw how these programs are useful in enhancing personal, family and national development. 

One leader, Mr. Leon Thomas who is the acting Mayor of Portmore said, “the perception of the public as to what you (referring to the church) do and believe are far different than what I see and learn here today. I don’t know how you are going to do it, but the communities need to know what you do and offer here. If the youths out there know about what you do here, I feel that they will want it, because it can help them and create a better society. The entire tour was just wonderful! I love the setting and the way in which it was organized. My tour guide was great! I don’t think she missed a thing, she ensured that I got it all! I will have to come back another time".  

Both the Stake President, Andrew Lue and the Mission President, Kevin Brown have expressed what a wonderful experience it was to "open our doors" and that this activity is one the church will have again soon.

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