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Young Single Adults Conference

We are Family’ a profound phrase was the theme of this year's annual (YSA) YOUNG SINGLE ADULT CONFERENCE, which was held at the Spanish Town Chapel on October 19, 2015. In attendance was over 250 young single adults who were proud to be a part of the day’s festivities which were put in place for them to reflect on Christ and appreciate having the gospel and each other. The purpose of the theme was a reminder to all the attendees of the importance of having a family.

The activities for that day were centered on joining each other and forming bonds of unity. Some activities we had were playing family feud and other games, services projects such as making care packages and toys, and cleaning the community where the chapel is located. There were also talent presentations from various wards and chapels. The most inspiring part of the day was the spiritual devotional. They were reminded of the importance of having families and finding eternal companions with the basis of a strong foundation of consistent prayer, scripture study and family home evening. “By small means the Lord can do great things” President Deans. To finish the day the attendees enjoyed an amazing dance party.



“It is such a great opportunity to interact with fellow LDS people, getting to meet new people of my faith.”

-Saeeda, 18, Boulevard Ward.

“I enjoy seeing all my brothers and sisters from all over Jamaica, it is a goodfeeling to gather together and feel everyone’s spirit that I may learn from them and they may learn from me. With all my heart I know that this is Christ’s church because of the unity that I have and the spirit I have felt. I know that the spirit cannot lie for this purpose I know that the church is true.”

Conrad, 31, Savana-la-mar.

“This year’s YSA activities has allowed me to reach out with the pure love of Christ, showing gratitude, and how we should interact with each other to cultivate an atmosphere for our eternal families.

Michael, 25, Boulevard Ward.

“This has made me proud to be a part of this gospel, knowing that we have the only true church on the earth. I take this as a next step into my future, this year’s conference has opened my eyes to see new heights.”

Norman, 18, Portmore Ward.

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